Month: August 2015

5 Tips For Dealing With Comfort Eating (inc. 1 video)


Click here for: 5 Tips on Dealing With Comfort Eating Video

1. Distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger

When you are about to eat ask yourself ‘how physically hungry am I right now?’ This will require you getting to know what your hunger and fullness feels like. Physical hunger is normally located in the stomach, whereas emotional hunger can be located in the mouth with cravings for specific types of food. Physical hunger normally comes on gradually, whereas emotional hunger can appear suddenly as the result of an external or internal trigger. Physical hunger means that you stop eating when you are full, whereas emotional hunger can mean that you keep eating until you are way passed fullness as your aim is to deal with emotions… which food is not so good at.

Before eating, try rating your hunger and fullness on a scale from 1 to 10; 1= very hungry and 10= very full. Anything above a 5 or 6 and you are probably not physically hungry at all. By doing this you will be better equipped to decrease bouts of feeding emotional hunger with food.

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