Month: April 2016

April 2016- Don’t be an April fool. Focus on NOW.

There are three places in life we can choose to be; the past, the present or the future.  When we dwell on past choices, the things we should have done that we didn’t, the things we chose to do that we wish we hadn’t, things that people said or done to us, then we are keeping ourselves in the past and we can never move forward.  If we focus only on the future we cause ourselves to be worried and anxious about what we’ll do, how we’ll do it, what others will do to us or how it will all turn out and that can negatively affect behaviour by making us overly cautious.  But if we can make the effort to ensure that we are living in the present so many doors can be opened. Doors to joy, doors  to happiness, doors to change and change for the better.  This month, try to make sure that you remind yourself that you can do nothing about what has already happened in the past and you cannot change what is yet to happen. Bring your focus to the life you have here and now. If you want to make changes; make changes to now. If you want to do new things; do them now. Make NOW what you want it to be so you can enjoy what it is.

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” -Amit Ray