Month: May 2017

4 Tips For Understanding Your Identity

Have you ever asked yourself this question- Who Am I?

It’s a question loaded with confusion and expectation. If you have struggled with this question then you know what it is like to be asked ‘Tell me about yourself’ and had the feeling of wanting to curl up and disappear because you have no idea how to answer it!

But I want to turn the focus around for you. Instead of thinking Who Am I? try instead to think Who Do I Want To Be?

There is no truth in the idea that you are born, grow up and remain the same type of person throughout your whole life. Sure your values and morals may not change but the things you like to do, the clothes you like to wear, the food you like to eat, the people you want to hang out with, the career you want to have are among many of the things that may well change. And your values and morals may just change too given your life experience. And that is all OK! It doesn’t mean you are fickle, need to be a ‘proper adult’ or are wasting your life away. You are creating your life! And hopefully, you are enjoying it.

4 Tips For Understanding Your Identity

  1. Remember that life is fluid- always moving, always changing. Your identity included!
  2. If your’re not sure if you like something, give it a go and find out!
  3. If you like something for a while and then change your mind- THAT’S OK- life is full of change. You can let it go and try something else.
  4. As long as you are the you that you presently want to be, then you are being true to yourself.


“In Twenty Years you’ll regret the things you didn’t do, rather than the things you did do”- Mark Twain