Month: October 2017

The power of Gratitude

Have you ever found yourself in a slump? Feeling low, like nothing ever goes right and there is no way out? It can happen to everyone, and sometimes it feels like it is just one thing after the other, after the other that goes wrong. The power of Gratitude is that by focusing on something to be grateful for in your life, you are moving your focus away from the negative that feels as if it is all surrounding. “But how do I do that when everything is so negative” I hear you cry! Being grateful for one thing does not mean ignoring the truth of another. Maybe you have a day where your alarm clock fails so you wake late, miss breakfast, run for the bus in the rain and miss it, get to work late, get reprimanded by your boss, have a shorter lunch break than usual, travel home in more rain, forget you needed to go food shopping so only have crackers and mouldy cheese for dinner and go to bed in a thoroughly awful mood. So what would you have to be grateful for that day? How about the fact that you have a job so you can earn money to pay for the roof over your head? Or even just that you remembered to pick up your umbrella so when it started to rain you had it to run through the rain with? If you start to bring your attention to one positive thing then it will make it easier to notice others. This month, try thinking of at least one thing each day that you can be grateful for- even if that is just having made it through the day!

‘The struggle ends when the gratitude begins’- Neale Donald Walsch