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ONLINE COURSE Anxiety: Beat it and Regain Peace

This online 12 week course is a completely self-paced online course. Over the 12 weeks you will be emailed weekly sessions of video/audio/written text and experiential exercises to complete. Each week the material sent can be viewed and engaged whenever is best for you. Once the material has been released to you, it is yours to keep, revisit and refer to whenever you wish. It can be taken at home or from wherever is most comfortable for you. It is an affordable and discreet way to get the help and happiness you deserve and need

3 tips for end of year Seasonal Social Survival (SSS)!

This time of year there are a lot of social expectations. Halloween has just passed and there may still be a few parties this weekend, then there is Christmas, with office parties and secret Santas to think about and then the New Year celebrations. Everyone asking ‘What are you doing for New Year? If this is a time of the year you struggle with or loath her are 5 tips for Seasonal Social Survival (SSS)!

Rather than thinking of the possible negatives of having to attend such events try focusing on the possible positive gains. A seeing old friends and family you want to catch up with, you may get something in your secret Santa gift that you never even realise you wanted but really did, a few nights off not having to cook. There is probably something positive about the season so try looking for it.

Remember that you don’t have to attend every event going. Pick the ones which you would prefer to miss and then only go to the others. You should be able to let people down by explaining you have other things to attend that you have already said yes to and you won’t be able to do them all.

If you do feel you need to go to all then remember that you don’t have to stay the whole time. Go along, talk to a few people and then when ready leave. No one can say you didn’t bother showing up!

The power of Gratitude

Have you ever found yourself in a slump? Feeling low, like nothing ever goes right and there is no way out? It can happen to everyone, and sometimes it feels like it is just one thing after the other, after the other that goes wrong. The power of Gratitude is that by focusing on something to be grateful for in your life, you are moving your focus away from the negative that feels as if it is all surrounding. “But how do I do that when everything is so negative” I hear you cry! Being grateful for one thing does not mean ignoring the truth of another. Maybe you have a day where your alarm clock fails so you wake late, miss breakfast, run for the bus in the rain and miss it, get to work late, get reprimanded by your boss, have a shorter lunch break than usual, travel home in more rain, forget you needed to go food shopping so only have crackers and mouldy cheese for dinner and go to bed in a thoroughly awful mood. So what would you have to be grateful for that day? How about the fact that you have a job so you can earn money to pay for the roof over your head? Or even just that you remembered to pick up your umbrella so when it started to rain you had it to run through the rain with? If you start to bring your attention to one positive thing then it will make it easier to notice others. This month, try thinking of at least one thing each day that you can be grateful for- even if that is just having made it through the day!

‘The struggle ends when the gratitude begins’- Neale Donald Walsch

A chance at new beginnings, daily

Have you ever noticed yourself getting caught up in the past with feelings of regret or guilt, and in the future with feelings of anxiety and apprehension? So many of us do it to the detriment of today. And the great thing about today is that everyday there is a new one! No matter what is past and what is to come, remember that every morning when you wake up you have a chance at a new beginning. That’s 365 chances at turning things around in your life every year! You cannot time travel; the past has been and gone and the future is yet to come, so focus on the present daily and make your life what you want it to be that day!

Mad World?

There is a lot going on in the world today. It’s been tough here in London recently. Find out how I deal with things and manage to maintain my sanity and love for my city. Maybe you’ll hear something to help you.

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4 Tips For Understanding Your Identity

Have you ever asked yourself this question- Who Am I?

It’s a question loaded with confusion and expectation. If you have struggled with this question then you know what it is like to be asked ‘Tell me about yourself’ and had the feeling of wanting to curl up and disappear because you have no idea how to answer it!

But I want to turn the focus around for you. Instead of thinking Who Am I? try instead to think Who Do I Want To Be?

There is no truth in the idea that you are born, grow up and remain the same type of person throughout your whole life. Sure your values and morals may not change but the things you like to do, the clothes you like to wear, the food you like to eat, the people you want to hang out with, the career you want to have are among many of the things that may well change. And your values and morals may just change too given your life experience. And that is all OK! It doesn’t mean you are fickle, need to be a ‘proper adult’ or are wasting your life away. You are creating your life! And hopefully, you are enjoying it.

4 Tips For Understanding Your Identity

  1. Remember that life is fluid- always moving, always changing. Your identity included!
  2. If your’re not sure if you like something, give it a go and find out!
  3. If you like something for a while and then change your mind- THAT’S OK- life is full of change. You can let it go and try something else.
  4. As long as you are the you that you presently want to be, then you are being true to yourself.


“In Twenty Years you’ll regret the things you didn’t do, rather than the things you did do”- Mark Twain

There is only NOW. Use it wisely!

What if I told you that there is NO FUTURE, there is NO PAST and here is ONLY RIGHT NOW?

If I said that your past had once been a RIGHT NOW moment. All you have left of it is a memory. But the memory you have is of a moment, however long it lasted, that when it took place was NOW. When you are looking back on a memory you are IN THE NOW looking at it.

If I said that when you think about the future, you are predicting, fantasising and contemplating a moment that, when it happens, will be happening IN THE NOW. You can’t do anything about that moment until it is a NOW. You can make plans, try to prepare, but any action that takes place about that actual moment will happen when the moment is a NOW moment.

Would that lead you to thinking more about how you spend your NOW moments- your life from day to day?

For example, if you are running late to the airport for a flight you can choose to spend your time worrying OR to look out of the window and enjoy the view of blue skies and sunshine and to deal with whatever happens in the airport when it happens- because it hasn’t happened yet and you don’t know what will be. Then, if you are sat in the airport waiting for a delayed flight, you can choose to be annoyed and grumpy and complain about it with other travellers OR to use that time to catch up on that book you’ve been reading or to play a game of eye-spy. Then when you look back on the memory of that now moment, it won’t be of worry and complaining but blue skies and fun games.

With this acceptance brings choice. Make a CHOICE on how you want to feel RIGHT NOW. Whether it is when thinking about A PAST NOW MOMENT, contemplating A FUTURE NOW moment or being IN THIS VERY MOMENT RIGHT NOW -because with that choice comes immense freedom.