Online courses

Feedback received from people who have utilised Prudentia Psychological Services' online self-empowerment courses

Nadee, from Australia

“Sonia’s course is very practical, well-paced and well thought-out. She will guide you through not only the understanding of what anxiety is and how it manifests, but practical ways of managing it. Definitely a useful course for anyone who’s prone to worry or anxiety!” Nadee, Australia


Mary, from USA

“I have had a horrendous week and being able to review and finish the course tonight has literally allowed me to calm down and review circumstances with fresh perspective. Thank you! …Dr. Greenidge clearly explains the basic concepts and techniques to utilize while dealing with anxiety. There are key subjects and techniques in the course which I will continue to review and reinforce for myself. I was able to utilize some of the key points today to cope and manage the issues I am dealing with. I am very happy that I decided to take this class and I appreciate Dr. Greenidge as a teacher and therapist. I will definitely watch out for more of your courses to join!”